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Goldman's Wrestling Academy of the Rockies

The aim of W.A.R. is to assist every wrestler in succeeding beyond their goals. Whether seeking an introduction to the world’s oldest and greatest sport or pursuing the highest level of accomplishment, W.A.R. will make you better.

The more wrestling you know, the more well-rounded wrestler you will be. You will be introduced to and train in the three most widely recognized styles of wrestling in the world: Folkstyle, Freestyle and Greco Roman. 

Duane Goldman, Goldman's Wrestling Academy of the Rockies

W.A.R. will seek to bring out the best in every wrestler. Wrestling is a simple sport to learn and all participants will be well skilled in its fundamentals. Wrestling, however, also evolves continuously and every participant will be challenged to develop high level skills, as well as maximize their own special abilities, in order to reach their full potential. 


Our goal is to prepare you for competition. Training will include technique, drilling, sparring and hard wrestling. Practices will also make a strong focus on strengthening your mind set.

Other available services include personal technique sessions, film review and collegiate consultation.

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