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National Wrestling Club Network, Goldman's Wrestling Academy of the Rockies, WAR, youth wrestling, wrestling club

National Wrestling Club Network (NWCN)

Allows active members, of participating clubs, FREE access to practice at other great clubs across the nation.

Every club has a coach who has successfully competed at the collegiate level and coached at that high level as well.


In doing so, they all understand the opportunities that wrestling provides beyond just winning and losing; getting kids to pay more attention to their character, their grades, and seeking entry into a college where they may use wrestling in order to pursue a higher education and success beyond. 

Here's how it works:

1. Notify your personal club coach in advance that you would like to practice at a NWCN facility.

2. Your coach will contact the other club coach for approval.

3. You must sign all necessary waivers with the host club before working out FREE of charge.

Wrestler Limitations:

You may attend a specific club no more than 3 times annually unless further approved by the hosting coach. This way a wrestler cannot camp out for weeks on end, expecting free practices.

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